We are please to announce that we have resumed our services.
Jummah Khutabah will be conducted by the Professor Alim From States.
We request you all to join hands to fight the pandemic and support the needy.

Quran Learning

Quran learning is an enriching journey encompassing recitation, memorization, and understanding. It’s a pathway to spiritual growth and a deeper connection with the divine teachings of Islam.

Learning the Quran is a profound journey that enriches the soul and mind.


It involves not only recitation but also understanding the meanings, context, and teachings of the verses. Through learning Tajweed, one perfects the art of recitation, while memorization (Hifz) brings the Quran closer to the heart.


Tafsir classes offer deeper insights into the divine wisdom and guidance contained within.

This holistic approach to Quranic education nurtures spiritual growth, strengthens faith, and fosters a deeper connection to the Islamic way of life.




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